Bobryshev is BACK!

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The Revo ACU British Motocross Championship had a surprise return from Evgeny Bobryshev. After over a year off of racing due to unforeseen circumstances, Bobryshev made his return to racing with the SC Sporthomes Husqvarna Powered by SRD Engineering team. Always a fierce competitor, the former multi-time MXGP winner was welcomed back to the paddock and put in impressive results. Bobryshev went 6-4 for 5th overall on the day, which was quite good for a rider missing so much time and jumping back into the middle of the series. The late call from the ACU which allowed Bobryshev to start back racing the series meant he had little time to prepare for the race at Cadders Hill, Lyng. You can expect that with a few weeks off before the next round at Foxhill, “Bobby” will be much better prepared and surely fighting for a spot on the podium, maybe even the top step. With the SC Sporthomes team racing both Revo ACU British Motocross and Michelin MX Nationals Championships, you will be seeing a lot more of the 777 in the British paddock again. Let’s also hope to see Bobryshev follow the team over to the USA for select AMA nationals as well throughout the 2023 season.

Evgeny Bobyshev on his return to racing:Yes, it was really good. Unfortunately, in the winter time we were still expecting that maybe I could come and race. But this wasn’t happening so I just spent 1 week in the U.S. riding the bike. But then the team and I just decided that I need to move on with a different plan. So I made different plans with the family. Then, unexpectedly, Neil Prince (team manager for the SC Sporthomes team) called  me a few weeks ago just before the second round of the British championship. He said that I got my license back to do the U.K. races. And you know, I was excited for sure, but I knew I hadn’t done anything since like March last year. No proper racing not even good months of training, because like I said, I put everything on the side. So I would say a year I haven’t been on the bike doing proper workout and riding the bikes and now it’s straight to the races. That was tough on me because my fitness is really low right now and the speed is not there. But, you know, like I said I am happy just to be back riding and all these things I can build up little by little. I am really pumped to get back on the bike and do the sport I really love to do since I was a kid. When I was 6 I started riding the bike so I was really missing big time the racing and the adrenaline heading to the starting gate. And now I just need to build everything up slowly and get back to my form. The hope is still that I can ride AMA Outdoors this year. I would like to say thank you to the team and all the sponsors who support. The people are giving their all to help me as fast as possible that I get back in my form. They are always supporting and when they allowed me to race they helped me comeback. That was a great feeling.

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