Diga Procross won’t be lining up in 2023: Here’s why..

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The namesake of the DIGA Procross KTM Racing Team, who himself was a passionate motocross rider in his younger years, has been struggling with health problems since last week. His doctors made it very clear to him that he has to take care of his health as soon as possible and that his body needs a lot more rest. For this reason, Justin Amian will devote his full attention to the family business with immediate effect and, with a heavy heart and for an indefinite period, will withdraw from the MXGP paddock with the DIGA Procross KTM Racing Team.

Up until this point, the team was in the midst of preparing for the 2023 season and was in the final stages of fielding a ready-to-go line-up for the MX2 World Championship with the support of its partners.

Justin Amian, who at 28 years of age is the youngest team boss in the MXGP paddock, and the DIGA Procross team can proudly look back on a successful past, which has always been characterised by full commitment and focus on the team by Justin Amian.

Founded in 2011 and evolving from an amateur team to a Factory Team in 2021, the team has been a pure motocross team from the beginning, run out of passion and love for the sport of motocross and achieving success. The team has won numerous national and international titles and podiums in various classes such as the MX2 World Championship, the EMX250, the EMX125, the ADAC MX Masters classes and in Supercross.

However, Justin Amian and DIGA cannot do without motocross. TheDIGA Academy, which was founded this year to take care of the development of young up-and-coming athletes, will continue to be run in the usual form and will continue to be a great success thanks to great partners.

Finally, Team DIGA Procross would like to thank all participants, partners, friends and employees, without whom the whole thing would never have been possible.

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