Jonny Walker gets it done! Your new 2022 AMA EnduroCross champion

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Our very own Jonny Walker beats North America’s best to claim the 2022 AMA EnduroCross championship title in Reno! – Cody Webb wins the night and takes third overall in “the best racing season EnduroCross has ever seen”.

The GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship Series visited Reno, Nevada for the last championship round of the 2022 series, a championship which boiled down to the final moto in a thriller between Jonny Walker and Trystan Hart.

Hart took two moto wins on the night but ultimately his first moto finish of sixth hurt him as Walker went 3-2-2, landing him second overall and one place ahead of the his rival for the championship.

Cody Webb took the top spot on the podium for this final round with a 1-3-3 scorecard which delivered the overall series third place over Taddy Blazusiak, who finished sixth on the night and fourth in the series.

Check out the results below:

2022 AMA EX Pro- Round 6 results (overall top 10):

  1. Cody Webb, 1-3-3, Sherco
  2. Jonny Walker, 3-2-2, Beta
  3. Trystan Hart, 6-1-1, KTM
  4. Colton Haaker, 2-4-5, Husqvarna
  5. Cooper Abbott, 7-5-6, Sherco
  6. Taddy Blazusiak, 8-7-4, GasGas
  7. Will Riordan, 4-9-7, KTM
  8. Ryder LeBlond, 5-8-9, Husqvarna
  9. Tim Apolle, 11-6-8, Beta
  10. Ty Cullins, 10-10-10, TM

2022 AMA EX Pro Series Championship final standings (overall top 10):

  1. Jonny Walker, Beta, 137 points
  2. Trystan Hart, KTM, 134 points
  3. Cody Webb, Sherco, 125 points
  4. Taddy Blazusiak, GasGas, 111 points
  5. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna, 108 points
  6. Cooper Abbott, Sherco, 98 points
  7. Ryder LeBlond, Husqvarna, 84 points
  8. Tim Apolle, Beta, 78 points
  9. Will Riordan, KTM, 68 points
  10. Max Gerston, GasGas, 68 points

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