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A name and family very close to our hearts, the Jude Morris Racing Foundation is back once again for 2024 with their Superhero capes on! Supporting the youth of Motocross with an incredible initiative, to help give a boost to the young and talented riders in the UK, especially those that are keeping up with their social media duties!

For 2024, the foundation has urged Motocross Clubs to nominate riders who compete in their youth classes locally, in order to help them with their ’24 campaign. A fantastic initiative once again from the whole crew at JMR!

See further information below (Press Release);

Jude Morris Racing Foundation Announces Exciting Changes to Support British Youth Motocross

The Jude Morris Racing Foundation is thrilled to unveil a new chapter in its mission to support British youth motocross. Established in 2021 in memory of Jude Morris, a motocross enthusiast who tragically lost his life competing in the British Championship, the foundation has been dedicated to the development of British motocross through investment in young aspiring riders. This year, the foundation is expanding its support to include even more riders in the British Paddock through a tiered sponsorship system. These changes are a testament to the foundation's commitment to creating a culture of aspiration among young riders.

Expanding Support for British Youth in Motocross

Over the past year, the Jude Morris Racing Foundation has supported seven talented riders, and in 2024, it aims to enhance its impact. The new sponsorship system includes three tiers:

● Tier 1: The highest tier includes a Team JMR merch bundle, two graphic kits, and a significant expense budget that riders can spend where they choose.

● Tier 2: Will receive Team JMR Merch bundle and one graphics kit, riders will also receive a budget to spend with RFX.

● Tier 3: Will receive Team JMR Merch bundle and one graphics kit.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 riders will be selected by the foundation and its trustees, and their selection will be based on their performance during the 2023 season and their visibility on social media.
For Tier 3 sponsorship, we request UK motocross clubs to nominate individuals who compete in either the 65cc or 85cc category and who, in their view, exemplify the core values of the Jude Morris Racing Foundation.

The foundation strongly encourages clubs to complete the ‘Club Nomination’ form, which is accessible through the provided link below or can be found on our social media channels (@jmr_foundation_). Please make sure to submit your nominations before the 14th of November.


We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has supported us over the past two years. Whether you brought a hat, hoodie, or just came for a chat, these changes would not be possible without you and the continued support of the motocross community.

For more information about the Jude Morris Racing Foundation and its initiatives, please contact:

Media Contact: Email: admin@jmracing-foundation.com

Club Nomination Form: https://forms.gle/iSxEMUfzLMueWZTU9

[Foundation Website: www.jmracing-foundation.com]

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