MXON Predictions

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The Cult Moto Crew went around the world to get some predictions for the upcoming MXON in Ernee, France. Team managers, mechanics, riders, industry personnel and even just random people from all around the world go the same text message: “Who is your pick to win the MXON and why?” Check out what everyone has to say, anonymously, of course!

  • If Hunter is in, France, Australia, Belgium. Every team has a “wild card” sure it could go well, Coenen could holeshot and win and then Belgium is strong, but he could start 19th and crash 3 times. Germany looks great with Kenny and Simon, Koch has been good, depending on his class he could be a surprise to people that don’t know who their 3rd guy is. Overall though, France doesn’t really have “if it goes well, they have a chance” kind of guy. And it’s in France, so I’ll take the bait. If Hunter is in, he and Jett could win their classes and maybe get a little more help than last year and pull it off. But I’d have to take the easy route and throw France at P1.
  • My pick is the home Team, France. Febvre will be within winning contention, Renaux will be solid at home and give 100%, and Vialle has to show the haters how he does it back in Europe. Big moves on home soil.
  • The odds say France, but I will take with a surprise underdog story of Spain. I think the team is hurt a little bit without having Farres, but Braceras has been sneakily getting better, and could sneak a good solid ride. I personally think Prado wins both of his races, and with it, grabbing his overall. Fernandez has the ability to go out and snag a podium in his two races, and seemed to get strong again the last few MXGP races. I think these guys will thrive under less pressure and I think Prado wants to add MXON Champion to his impressive year.
  • France. Romain, coming off a year that could have ended in becoming a multi-time world champ. France really like winning the Chamberlain Trophy, and with Gautier Paulin managing the team, he will pull the guys together. Maxime is a great rider, and aside from Prado, not sure there is anyone that can run with him. Tom Vialle has always been good on the French Circuits and no doubt will be in the top 5 in MX2.
  • USA all the way. I don’t care that people say it’s a “B” level team. The guys that are going WANT to go and you know damn well are all heart. USA to the top!
  • On paper, the favoritism leans towards France. With Tom performing well in the USA this season as a two-time MX2 champion, his prior victory at this track in 2022 and on home soil this year. Romain, record breaking wins this season, along with Maxime being the only rider to defeat Jett in a 450 motocross moto EVER, they undeniably stand out as the top contenders.
  • France. They are just the strongest team in my opinion and they will get the job done at home.
  • A lot of injured riders, Hunter, Renaux, Forato. I was thinking Australia but don’t know now. So France or Netherlands.
  • France because they have the strongest team.
  • France. Three world champions, home venue, strongest team
  • Australia

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