NEWS: Stark go for gold with Josh Sheehan at X Games

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28th July 2023: Last weekend the 2023 X Games brought the top names, bravery, and creativity of the Action sports world together in Ventura County, California, and Stark Future joined the cast list for an exciting debut.

The dirtbike segment-leading performance of the Stark VARG helped X Games and Freestyle Motocross icon Josh Sheehan compete in both the Best Trick and Best Whip categories where the experienced Aussie classified 4th and 9th respectively. The power and the handling attributes of the Stark VARG caught the eye of many of the 50,000+ attendance northwest of Los Angeles and marked one of the first high-profile showings of the bike’s potential.

Sheehan’s two runs with a no-handed double backflip meant he propelled the Stark VARG to angles previously unseen by the cutting-edge technology, developed in Spain and now shipping around the world. The Stark VARG is brand new but is already setting fresh limits for power, power-to-weight, acceleration, and customization options in the off-road market. The output of the Stark VARG represents a major forward step for electric motocross motorcycles, so much so that it outstrips combustion-engined counterparts in many ways.

“You can adjust the rotation so much better once you are in the air and you have so much drive on rear wheel,” Sheehan said for the very particular demands of FMX. “The most important factor is that you can start and stop the rotation much easier than you can with a combustion bike. It was a very cool experience to ride the VARG at X Games and I’m looking forward to doing many more events together.”

“Going to X Games for the very first time was a small milestone for us,” said Communication & PR Manager, Ben Cobb. “Not only because of the profile of this globally recognized event and brand, and the strong link with Josh, but also because it showed the impressive engineering principles behind the Stark VARG. We are presenting sustainable and game-changing technology that can ride, race, trail and flip with the best of them. We know the subject of electric bikes is currently a divisive topic for motorcycle riders and fans but these feats by Josh prove that the concept is in no way second-best. In fact, our undeniable message with the Stark VARG is that it will go above and beyond and enable many more people to ride and compete compared to any other option in any dealership. We’d like to thank Josh and our whole passionate and growing sports team for putting us out there. We look forward to more, much more.” 

“There were the normal set-up changes to make to the Stark VARG for a discipline like FMX but, otherwise, the bike was delivered to Josh and his crew and pretty much taken straight to the ramps,” commented Global Sports and Athlete Manager Morgan Karlsson “The Stark Future App and customization interface meant it was very easy for him to adjust the torque and Power output as he wanted and to get that ‘four-stroke’ feel that Josh knows so well. After that, it was all down to him, and it was very cool to see the bike up there with tricks in ways we haven’t seen before!”

The Stark VARG began shipping in the first quarter of 2023 and is the launch model for the Stark Future company. The motorcycle received record-breaking pre-orders upon presentation December 2021 and Stark Future is expecting to manufacture over 18,000 units by the end of 2024.

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