The GHOST – San Francisco Supercross

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The Monster Energy Supercross series headed up north to San Francisco, California. This was round two on the circuit and boy, did the fans get sloppy seconds or what! With the second round coming to a close (although there might still be some bikes and maybe a few FELD track crew still stuck in the muddy stadium) it’s time for me to name the second GHOST of Supercross. We all saw one heck of a ride from Ken Roczen and working his way up to a podium spot, but everyone has been talking about that so he can’t be the GHOST. But, who out there noticed…..Phoenix Honda’s Dylan Ferrandis in the 6th position? Oh sure, great ride for Dylan in the mud. The Frenchman won a heat race which a lot of people are talking about (shout out to MXGP STUD Jorge Prado for winning his heat race as well!). The main event was, in my opinion, even better. I am not even sure the “amazing” broadcast crew caught the number 14 up that far at the end. You know what else they completely missed? Oh, that same dude that got 6th also crashed BEFORE the first turn. Ferrandis was involved in the pile up, or should I say one of the multiple pile ups. Malcolm Stewart and Jason Anderson crashed first, not sure if one of Mookies dreads got caught in El Hombre’s front wheel or what, but they hit the deck. Then the always impressive starter, Dylan Ferrandis, popped in at the wrong time, although he may not have actually been able to see anything at that point, and ran right into the back of Stewarts rear wheel and came to a dead stop. Typically this isn’t a huge deal, but in mud deep enough to bury Ken De Dycker standing straight up, this become extremely difficult. The #14 came around in P14 on the first official lap, but who knows how many positions he gained before that. The crafty Frenchman passed Cooper Webb, Hunter Lawrence, Jett Lawrence and Jorge Prado. That’s pretty impressive muddy or not. And yet, all that hard work went virtually unnoticed by most out there. But hey, it was so muddy you couldn’t tell if it was the gnarliest Supercross racers the world has ever seen or your local beginner PeeWee class, so we will give everyone some slack for this. Besides approximately 3 feet (1 meter for everyone not in the USA) into the race, you couldn’t tell who anyone was except for that big #1 on Chase Sexton’s bike since he grabbed the early lead. So to that, we want to congratulate Dylan Ferrandis on becoming a GHOST of Supercross in 2024. Now let’s hope that we see Dylan more and not have him landing in this column again!

photo by and RacerX

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